vrijdag 24 februari 2012

Tuk Tak puzzle designed by Vladimir Krasnoukhov
The puzzles is produced in Russia.

Cohan Circle

Arusloky puzzle (I bought it on 29-10-2010)
This version of the Cohan Circle is produced by Arusloky (Spain)
Designed by Hooshang Cohan (patented in 1986)
The Rotascope puzzle
Patented by Raoul Raba (copyright by Pentangle, England 1977)


I got this Slide-9 by Gerard Becker, he made this very nice sliding puzzle. This puzzle has been designed by Minoru Abe and can be solved in 44 moves.
A very nice version !!

Packing problem

I bought several sliding puzzles on marktplaats.nl
and this one I received as a gift from Hans Janmaat.

A very nice Packing problem.

woensdag 15 februari 2012

I Love Puzzle

I Love Puzzle
I Love Puzzle
 The "I Love Puzzle" is a design of Ton Delsing he made the puzzle for the IPP 31 (International Puzzle Party) in Berlin on 7th August 2011. The fun of the puzzle is that the 6 cubes fit in on 359 ways in the box and there is always a solution because there are two letters Z in the box.

Moreover, there is between the letters L and U a blockage, so you can't freely slide the blocks up and down. See also my website: http://wittingen-puzzels.jimdo.com/

dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Mushroom mountain puzzle

Mushroom Mountain puzzle

I bought the Mushroom mountain puzzle on Ebay. The Mushroom puzzle is a Hanayama Sliding Pieces Puzzle with with an added difficulty. Move the pieces around, without bumping into one another, so that they are either facing inward or outward.