vrijdag 24 februari 2012

Tuk Tak puzzle designed by Vladimir Krasnoukhov
The puzzles is produced in Russia.

Cohan Circle

Arusloky puzzle (I bought it on 29-10-2010)
This version of the Cohan Circle is produced by Arusloky (Spain)
Designed by Hooshang Cohan (patented in 1986)
The Rotascope puzzle
Patented by Raoul Raba (copyright by Pentangle, England 1977)


I got this Slide-9 by Gerard Becker, he made this very nice sliding puzzle. This puzzle has been designed by Minoru Abe and can be solved in 44 moves.
A very nice version !!

Packing problem

I bought several sliding puzzles on marktplaats.nl
and this one I received as a gift from Hans Janmaat.

A very nice Packing problem.

woensdag 15 februari 2012

I Love Puzzle

I Love Puzzle
I Love Puzzle
 The "I Love Puzzle" is a design of Ton Delsing he made the puzzle for the IPP 31 (International Puzzle Party) in Berlin on 7th August 2011. The fun of the puzzle is that the 6 cubes fit in on 359 ways in the box and there is always a solution because there are two letters Z in the box.

Moreover, there is between the letters L and U a blockage, so you can't freely slide the blocks up and down. See also my website: http://wittingen-puzzels.jimdo.com/

dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Mushroom mountain puzzle

Mushroom Mountain puzzle

I bought the Mushroom mountain puzzle on Ebay. The Mushroom puzzle is a Hanayama Sliding Pieces Puzzle with with an added difficulty. Move the pieces around, without bumping into one another, so that they are either facing inward or outward.

Logi Toli Puzzle

Logi Toli puzzle
I received the Logi Toli puzzle from Hungary. The puzzle looks like the Switch-It puzzle or the Work / Golf puzzle. The original puzzle was designed by H.E. Dudeney in 1903

Time Puzzle Vol. 514 by E.S. Lowe

Time Puzzle by E.S. Lowe
 3th February 2012

Vintage sliding puzzle game by E.S. Lowe called the Time Puzzle. It is from a series of 18 games called the "Bookshelf of Games. “Bookshelf of Games” were made in the 40′s.
On the back of the manual is standing a list of games and prices. Vol. 514 Time Puzzle $ 0.75